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BOGO Discounts

March 4, 2015 • chazguy

During sales especially a clearance sale, the coupon that most stores run at such a time is

“Buy 1 Get 1 Free” simply called BOGO. Such offers are for various products, and it is not unusual if it includes electronic cigarette coupons, as we see with brands like South Beach Smoke and V2 Cigs.

Some of these discount offers require you to have a coupon, so that are eligible to enjoy the offer. Another close BOGO is “Buy 2 Get 1.” These offers will allow you to receive an item such as e cigarettes for free after buying one or more of the same item. While it seems like the offers are quite easy, there are some people who are confused about the right way to use them. It is good to understand how to use B1G1 free coupons because they save you much money.

First, BOGO sale may seem like a straight 50% offer since you will get a free e cig similar to the purchased one but it is not. This is because you must purchase one so as to get the discount. You cannot go to cashiers to hand them an item and then tell them to make it half price since you are buying just one. If the discount is allowed you to get 50% off the price, such a request would have been agreeable by the store as you will forfeit the free item to buy one at half price. We see this with the

Instead, you must take advantage of “Buy one get one” coupon to get two e-cigarettes although you will only pay for just one. When you watch the register when your purchase is rung up, you notice the first item ring will be up at the usual price. When the second is scanned, it is displayed at 0.00.

This is the way things work in stores but at some of them, the register systems will not show your discounts in totals until TOTAL key is pressed. It is hard to understand why coupons and discounts are not displayed earlier may be it is a lazy programming by cash register makers.

Since prices vary from one store to another, you sometimes get a coupon saying Buy 1 Get 1 Free but then there is a space where the price of the item such as electronic cigarette will be written. You have the responsibility to ensure that that this will be filled in although, in many instances, a cashier will do it for you. You should have a pen ready and ask the cashier politely to allow you write the price.

B1G1 offer is an excellent way to stock up. When the price is right, you should go ahead to take advantage of this offer as much as possible. It is a perfect way of making lots of savings if you are buying the disposable one-time use e-cigarettes because you will buy several of them.

Most stores limit the number of times that you may use your B1G1 coupons in one transaction. You, therefore, may have to make several trips to a store if you want to buy several a whole lot of the item when on sale. The limitation is that you cannot buy a very large quantity with the BOGO deal.

Big savings are possible when there is a store running a B1G1 sale, and you are having coupons for the item.

You may wonder if it is right to ask for two coupons because in the end you will get 2 electronic cigarettes. There are some stores that will give two coupons, but others will not agree. It is not worth arguing with the store cashiers as they are not the ones in a position to change the policy of their store.

You will just try by handing two e-cigarettes and coupons but if one is not accepted do not make it a big issue. However at the stores where you are allowed to take two coupons, you will make a big saving. Be on the lookout for a store with a coupon for B1G1 items or stores having B1G1 sale, and you possess a coupon for an electronic cigarette.

What’s This New Face of the Crime Prevent Coalition?

February 22, 2015 • chazguy

As the technology changes in crime prevention strategies, so does our face to the public. Please understand that we are working as quickly as we can to bring you back up to speed with what the coalition is doing, and what we have in store for you with the new website. Thank you!